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NES Classic Edition Returns Friday, Staying in Stores All Year

When can you get an NES Classic and how long will you have? Find out here.

by Kyle Hanson


The NES Classic Edition will return to stores this Friday. A few retailers have already made the announcement, but today Nintendo made it official and clarified some things. This includes how long fans can expect to be able to buy one, though that comes with the usual caveats in regards to physical Nintendo products.

Yes, expect the NES Classic Edition, along with its SNES brother, to sell out quickly if the past is anything to go by. Nintendo’s shipments just won’t be enough to satisfy the high demand that has built over the last few years as people waited for this promised restock. But don’t fret too much if you miss out on this first shipment. According to Nintendo, both consoles are expected to stick around all year.

“NES Classic Edition returns to stores this Friday, June 29! This system and the Super NES Classic Edition system are expected to be available through the end of the year,” Nintendo announced on Facebook. The SNES Classic has already come close to meeting demand, with resellers still the main source, but prices staying close to regular retail. The NES Classic on the other hand has remained a hot collector’s item due to how few were released the first time around. Expect this restock to move quickly, but further shipments to help out.

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