Attack of the Fanboy

Netflix no longer plans to offer video games

by William Schwartz


Netflix will not be offering video games to customers. Today the company backed away from the recent promises that the company made in the midst of their Qwikster debacle that sent the company reeling. CEO Reed Hastings confirmed during the quarterly conference call for the company, that the strategy is no longer one that the company finds viable. Back in September, the company announced the spin-off from their traditional services which included the video game by mail order service.

In other news, Gamefly allegedly danced a jig. Not facing competition from one of the biggest players in the industry, you can allegedly look forward to continued longer rental queues and not being able to rent a game that was released within the last six months.

Whether Netflix would revisit the idea in the future was not addressed in the conference call. What would make more sense is some type of a cross promotion with OnLive or working with another streaming service to offer games to their subscribers, however there was no mention of the possibility.

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