New Character Gear Added To Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Supply Drops [Updated]

by AOTF Staff

Sledgehammer Games have released a few new character items that should be appear in players Advanced Supply drops during online matches of Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

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According to user-submitted images, fans are beginning to receive new SHGames, Surfer, Tiki and even Kraken related gear in their Advanced Supply drops during plays of Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare. There are a wide array of items that are appearing from a Kraken head helmet, a Surfer Exo-suit, surfer shirt, Lagoon helmet, a Tiki Exo-Suit and even a Sledgehammer Games branded SHG Exo-Suit. Fans can unlock any of the items via online multiplayer by earning an Advanced Supply Drop.


Speaking of Advanced Supply Drops, Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare fans on Xbox have been enjoying these for quite some time. Today marks the first day that players can unlock Advanced Supply Drops in the PlayStation 4 version. This was previously announced by Sledgehammer Games, Studio-Head & Co-Founder, Michael Condrey via Twitter. So be sure to hop on today PlayStation fans as you can get yourselves some of the new gear and best of all, whatever else these wonderful new Advanced Supply Drops might hold for eager Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare gamers.


Sledgehammer Games have officially announced the inclusion of the new gear sets via their Twitter. Happy hunting.

- This article was updated on October 26th, 2021