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New Content For Smite Includes In-Game Event, Skins And Clash Map

by Joel Santana


With Day 1 of the Hi-Rez Expo closing up, which saw new content such as the reveal of The Morrigan,  the latest character that’s set to be released once patch 3.25 is released for Smite. Hi-Rez Studios had other surprises during the opening of their weekend long event that has revealed the card collecting mobile game, Smite Rivals and of course more content for Smite.

First up Hi-Rez has finally revealed details of the long awaited 3.25 patch that’s set to be released on January 10th for PC and a week later for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Which once the patch go live players can expect to not only get their hands on The Morrigan, they can also get their hands on some pretty interesting skins including my new favorite skin “Drums Out” for Raijin.

Check out the collection of new skins below, which also includes the skins that will be featured during the limited time event “The Path Of The Phatom Queen” which will be free for those who are Twitch Prime members. For those who aren’t can participate in the event by purchasing it for 1,000 gems. Regardless of how you access the content, you’ll also be greeted to some pretty nifty extras such as loading frames, pedestals, music and a cutesy The Morrigan avatar.

Alongside the new skin that are tied to the new in-game event, Hi-Rez is also releasing updated mastery skins for Cabrakan, Hou Yi and Ra. Unfortunately as for any balance changes for the 3.25 patch is very scarce as the only notable changes is Skadi not being able to proc the bonus gold from using Telaria Boots by using her pet Kaldr.

As for what the near future holds for Smite, Hi-Rez has briefly talked about what the players can expect to happen. For those of you players who enjoy the Clash gametype can expect a total revamp of the map as not only is Hi-Rez is changing the pantheon that it’s modeled after but as well as a few new features.

Two of the biggest changes for the Clash map aside from it now being themed after the Egyptian pantheon is the phoenixes now deal constant damage that will ramp up over time. But the biggest change to the map is now is the new giant snake like jungle boss that appears in the middle lane.

View the reveal trailer below:

Finally, Hi-Rez also gave a slight preview as what’s to come for Season 4 of Smite in terms of the upcoming season ticket. As they’ve revealed that for those who purchase the Season 4 ticket will be able to earn the Nevercake announcer pack.

Smite is a free-to-play MOBA for the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One platforms.

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