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New Contra Game Teased by Konami

by William Schwartz


At the conclusion of Konami’s E3 Press Briefing, the publisher teased what can only be taken as the next generation of Contra games.  In fact, Konami didn’t actually mention the game in any way other than showing the classic Contra blazing C, with tag line “They’re Coming”.  Could Konami be working up a true next generation side scrolling Contra affair?  Since they gave absolutely no details about the game, so it’s hard to tell.

If they do intend to revamp the Contra franchise, what do you want to see from the game?  I just want them to let me use the classic cheat code that I have meticulusly carried in my brain for the last twenty years since I was a child.  The opportunity to unleash the classic UUDDLRLRBA Start on a next generation Contra game would be epic.

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