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New Details on Act of Aggression

by William Schwartz


We first brought to you a first look of Act of Aggression a few months back and since then, not much new information has been released about this upcoming Eugen Systems game. That has changed and Focus Home Entertainment, the publisher of the game, has just released a sliver of new information and new screenshots for the game.

However, this new sliver, while not particularly substantial, is still intriguing in its own right. For one, we finally learn what the three factions are going to be:

  • The US Army, a group of veteran soldiers, but perhaps for the first time in an RTS game, they are not the technologically advanced faction.
  • The Cartel, a group of ex-PMC operatives that take advantage of stealthiness and the latest tech.
  • The Chimera, A United Nations backed task force that is apparently extremely adaptable.


Act of Aggression is promised to have “large” maps to play on. It will be interesting to see how large these maps can be, but if Eugen System’s Wargame series is anything to go by, the maps can be many multiple square miles large.

In Act of Aggression, you will need to not only build your base, but also harvest resources and supply your units. You will also be able to upgrade your units’ skills and level of technology to better fit the way you want to play. You will be able to capture banks to supplement your normal income and you will also have the ability to take prisoners of war from enemy combatants who get ejected from their vehicles or general wounded. It’s not clear yet how prisoners of war will factor into gameplay, but it is definitely a novel idea yet untouched by mainstream RTS.

Act of Aggression is planned for release in the spring of 2015 for PC.

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