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New Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Raid Quest This Weekend Is Against Majin Vegeta

by Damian Seeto


After facing Majin Vegeta during the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 beta, the character returns once more via a raid quest that is taking place later this weekend.

As announced on the Dragon Ball video game website, this new raid quest for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 occurs on December 4th. The times it will arrive are: 13:00 UK/14:00 CET to 21:00 UK/22:00 CET. More details of it can be seen below.

  • All participants will receive a single Hercule’s Badge (common) and the title “Beloved”
  • At 2000 damage done players will receive the “Awakened” title
  • at 50 000 damage done players will receive Tights’s Hat & 20 TP medals
  • If Majin Vegeta is defeated at level 99, all participating players will receive 30 TP Medals
  • The team of 6 players that deliver the final blow will receive 30 additional TP Medals

North American times have not been announced yet, but you should expect to see something this Sunday. Raid quests usually occur every weekend with a new villain for you to face up against. You also get to receive a lot of cool rewards by participating.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is going to get a lot of new content for the foreseeable future. Free and paid DLC is due out later this month with more to come in 2017.

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