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New Dragon Ball Xenoverse Update Patch Now Available

| June 8, 2015

New Dragon Ball Xenoverse Update Patch Now Available News  Dragon Ball Xenoverse Bandai Namco

To prepare for the upcoming DLC pack 3, Bandai Namco has released an all new Dragon Ball Xenoverse update patch.

The Dragon Ball Xenoverse update patch mainly prepares for the new DLC Pack 3 that is coming out later this week. The level cap has been increased to level 99 plus a few new other things have been added.

Users have noted in the new Dragon Ball Xenoverse update patch that some moves’ effective has been altered. It looks like the game has been balanced a bit to make things fairer. Also, the usual bugs have also been addressed too.

Check out the Dragon Ball Xenoverse update patch notes below:

*Added data for Resurrection “F” Pack
*Added World Tournament functionality
*Increased Level Cap to 99
*Added new chat phrases
*Added new Event Quests
*Fixed bugs related to knock back combos online
*Rebalanced several skills
*Rebalanced several Z-souls

Dragon Ball Xenoverse DLC Pack 3 will be available this week for both North American and European buyers. It will add content seen from the recent Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F movie.

Owners of Dragon Ball Xenoverse get a sneak peek of what’s to come in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F since most Western countries won’t see the movie until August.

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  • anne

    Omg can’t wait to play :3

  • Darkshadow32

    Ok first of all i cant wait to play as ssgss goku and vegeta but what data is they talking about

  • Davonne

    I care nothing for ssgss whoever, but could they possibly add a tail for the saiyan created characters? Also, I hope they can add more hair styles (especially for the male characters), and SSJ 3

    • Darkshadow32

      You have a point on ssj3 and the different Hairstyles also the tail But it would be awsome if they added ssgss or ssg as a transformation and i would like to see them add demigra if they make another dlc

      • Bluez ss4

        They wouldn’t add a ssgss for the created character. Also they really need to add the SS3.

        • John Thompson

          Hell yeah and ss4 for created characters also ss3 Vegeta

    • Jaylen Harris

      Tails would be pretty fuckin dope actually.

  • quiqui

    which moves and z souls were rebalanced

    • Darkshadow32

      I dont know

  • zak

    They need to ad transformations for the other races and color ki changer

    • Daiquan “Drezo” Bennett

      They are (the mystic transformation)

  • Saiyan Hunter Alchemist

    It’s already June 9th 12:20 and i still can’t get it, what time is the dlc pack gonna be up and running?

    • Daiquan “Drezo” Bennett

      That’s what I’m saying I woke up early this morning to see if it was there and it’s still not there!

      • Travis Edmonds

        I’m waiting on that too

        • Grayson

          You have to go to the store and install if u already bought it

          • mike

            I tried to download it. It acts like it is going to download and then nothing happens

          • Daiquan “Drezo” Bennett

            Same problem ughh

          • cristy

            It doesn’t work for me either it shows downloaded but I don’t see it in the game. Did anyone have a solution?

  • Travis Edmonds

    anybody know when the dlc pack will be released in the United States

    • Patrick Brown

      This is bull why say it being release and dont release it a min night

  • Ryan

    Anybody in the United states been able to download it yet.
    in ky here and nothing in the store

    • Derrick Patterson

      I’ve downloaded it for Xbox one heard ps4 don’t have it in the store yet

  • Zach

    Why is it not up yet?

    • KaitoIshura

      PSN is so damn slow

  • Mexican Gamemaster

    I’m still waiting for the freaking pack. When will it be ready?

    • Hutch

      Anyone know when it’s coming out?

    • Prince J’rell

      Ikr i hate this

  • KaitoIshura

    I’ve been checking PSN Constantly to no avail. Sony is so slow

    • Mexican Gamemaster

      Me too! I was just checking and it says I downloaded it but it isn’t downloading so…

  • Hutch

    Damn it Sony. Hurry up

  • David Kubota

    Not up on STEAM yet either, have Xenoverse from Steam on the PC, but no Exp yet

  • Tezren Kuzan

    5:47 pm sony still wont let me DL it


    hi here to make a complaint Now my thing is I’m not asking for much or for anyone to care I just want to be heard so that this is realized because the situation is we melee fighters of this game now have no defense against the KI BLASTERS of this game espiecally when the spam the wave over and over again and when we melee fighters who are hybrid fighters are unable to contend back when we are the last fighter alive in a online 3 on 3 battle.. THE ZSOULS that made matches like that possibel were MIGHT AS WELL.. and YOU WILL NEVER BEAT AN ANDROID. It is a debauchery to believe that this patch affected those zsouls because the original afffect was suffice and the best way to counter against every player that just sits there and spammmm WAVES over and over again… that makes this game cheap. I don’t recall an epsiode of a show were the protagonist sat back and just fired waves to beat the antagonist the whole time of the fight. Because now that that zsoul has been affected. Every rank match and tournament match will be KI BLAST battles. Fighting in one match will just end in 30-50 seconds forcing players to use regen just to stay alive, because the point of their time in battle is to learn how to fight in battle but now that they can no longer stay alive along enough in battle based on stanima it will out weigh and devalue the value of this game.. How this game has been devalued because what made this game playable was the chance to over come those ki blast spammers who are abusing the challenge of how great this game had become.. I had no other complaint to the changes made to anything else I was fine… but seeing as how these two ZSOULS Might as well and YOU will never beat an Android have become worthless this game is no longer as valued as before. of course I will play but not the level I had acquired with interest. It would be wondeful if the createors and software programs would go back and reverse the effects that had constructed on those two zsouls THE ZSOULS that made matches possibel MIGHT AS WELL.. and YOU WILL NEVER BEAT AN ANDROIDto the way they had worked., BECAUSE those zsouls were a safe guard to those who played with a namekian and a freeza and a majin girl.. now that these zsouls are gone people are going to abuse the game by becoming ki blast fighters… and everyone who will learn how to play will choose human in pvp matches just to survive matches so the game now loses diversity and melee usagaes. Now I have pretty big idea why those two zsouls were afftected because you have players in japan complaining that they are ki blast fighters and all they want to do is blast at their oppoeonts over and over again. My resposne to that is not dragonball z.. I grew up watching it as they fight to the death… spamnmming waves over and over again is not dragonball z.. It angers and rages me that this patch affected the skill behind teaching players how to survive matches long enough to undertstand how to play. Real players do not abuse the use of phantom fist… It angers me that I too if i want to continug playing I will have to adapt to using phantom fist a weak skill just to surive those matches when you are the last man standing in these matches. honestly it took somone randomly showing the effort that they care enough to express their own opionion creditable or not just to explain the effects this game will undergo because of how these two zsouls were afffected GREATLY… who knows whether you care or not. At least you know somone took the effort to express what has happened to this game and now how devauled it has become to me.. because I peronally enjoyed the game to the point of wanting to buy a share and now I refuse.. because of how the creators have weakened it’s stature. It no longer balanced and in time within 1 month you will greatly see a decrease of players no longer playing this game.. So i ask you if you do not want that to happen please at least reverse the effects of these two ZSOULS back to it orignal status MIGHT AS WELL.. and YOU WILL NEVER BEAT AN ANDROID.. Honestly there is a great amount of melee fighters who have learned to become hybrid fighters in this game and what made it possible was these two zsouls. now that they have been greatly affected a balance like that is no longer possible and it will greatly destroy the continuation of this game based on the creditablilty you have now givene to all spammers of this game. So please please i beg of you I made an account just to be heard tor few minutes in hope to believe that you would go and see just how the effects of htis game have altered now based on those two zsouls. It took 2 days back to back hour for me to have all my characters just to have those zsouls and im sure everyone who go those zsouls grimed really hard to get them. To now see them being used this way has weakened every playerd who is a hyrbid fighter and you have forced us to become weak and rely on phantom fist which will give ki blast fighters the au


    audacity to call us noobs when we know how to fight and we are unable to give the best performance fight we have come to realize how great we can be as we can do melee and ki blast like the z warriors of the show. Please createors of this game I mean no disrespect thank you for you hard work but I would greatly appriecaite it if you can just reverse the effects of THE ZSOULS that made matches gratifying and worth the effort of enjoyin this game… MIGHT AS WELL.. and YOU WILL NEVER BEAT AN ANDROID Please reevaluate this patch I am just student who works and plays with stock market Please forgive my grammar but this is my frustration and I do not want to lose the chance I was able to have to relieve stress from losing the mindset zsouls that gave this game its balance against KI BLAST SPAMMERS that strictly KI BLAST, HEAL, and RUN AWAYYYYYYYYYYYY… please re do thse patches give us the original effects of THE ZSOULS that made the last man stanting in a 3 on 3 battle gratifying because MIGHT AS WELL.. and YOU WILL NEVER BEAT AN ANDROID gave confidence to players to keep the fight going and not care if your team your randomly played with is weaker than you.. without those zsouls the game has lost it’s balance. Plase reconsider… and correct and give us players the chance to contrinue reverse the effects of the zsouls back to it’s original stature, please! Sincerely, Hybrid player from game xXUR_FOKN_DEADXx

  • Prince J’rell

    Did it work for anyone on ps3 yet?????

    • Tezren Kuzan

      nope still not up

      • Prince J’rell

        This is so slowww

        • Tezren Kuzan

          yeah been trying to get it to DL for about 3 hours now

          • Prince J’rell

            Same here my nephew has been bugging me all day

      • Prince J’rell

        Did it work for u yet??


    we need those zsouls back to the way they oringally fucitoned.. the DEFENSE REST….

  • Prince J’rell

    ANYBODY GOT IT?????????????

  • Prince J’rell

    Does it work now?????

  • BillW

    Can anyone download this on PS3 – I still can’t!!!

  • Cristy

    Does anyone have it on xb1??? not working for me!!! ugh where or to who can I get help for this??

  • John

    does anyone know how do you unlock offline battles against cpu,i beat the story mode but it still says that it’s closed and i can’t play

  • john rodney

    I love all dragon ball z games animation everything but i just wish you could create a cell class that would make it so much more fun hopefully you guys make a update to be able to make a cell class

  • omar elattar


  • Shans

    We should be able to make a small majin buu character please

  • Can anyone please tell me how to update DBZ xenoverse?

  • ???????

    They need to fix the ss hair the hair is supposed to go up not stay down

  • skieno777

    it would be great if the owner can update your personal character to unlock SSGSS
    transformation. what do you guys think

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