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New Feature For FIFA 16 Will Be Announced This Week

by Damian Seeto


EA Sports has announced that a new feature for FIFA 16 will be announced very soon.

The official FIFA Twitter page said the following message:

First NEW feature for #FIFA16 revealed tomorrow

The FIFA 16 reveal will occur on the official YouTube page. They capitalized the word “new” so it will be a feature that has not been in the franchise before. Whatever it is, it sounds like EA Sports is making a big deal out of it.

It’s unknown at this stage what EA Sports will announce this week for FIFA 16. There have been rumors EA Sports has been trying really hard to acquire new licenses.

There is speculation FIFA 16 could have gotten the UEFA license. This license has alluded EA Sports for a long time since Konami usually exclusively has it for its PES series.

The UEFA Champions League final occurs next week. It’s possible EA Sports might make announcement for it in FIFA 16. This is all speculation at this point. We won’t know the real announcement until it’s made.

Hopefully the FIFA 16 announcement is actually something to get excited about. It’s a new feature so it better be something different. The worst thing EA can do is bring back an old feature and advertise it as something “new”.

What do you think the FIFA 16 announcement will be about?

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