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New Final Fantasy 15 Info Revealed In Active Time Report

by Damian Seeto


Square Enix had another Active Time Report for Final Fantasy 15 and they revealed a ton of new info about the highly anticipated RPG.

The new Active Time Report was all in Japanese, but a NeoGAF user translated and summarized some of the best parts. A lot of the new additions seem to be well received.

During E3 2016, it was revealed that the game will have a Wait Mode. Square Enix said that this Wait Mode was loved by the Japanese fans so that’s a good thing. It slows down the action so the combat doesn’t have to be fast all of the time.

There will also be DLC items from previous games including the likes of Gaelbolg, Blaze Edge and Masamune Katana. The Lucis suit DLC will only be available for Noctis to wear.

If you want to know when the next episode of Brotherhood will be available, you can watch it on July 7th. This will be episode 3 of the mini animated series.

Tabata also mentioned that it’s very likely that Final Fantasy 15 will have a day 1 patch when it comes out on September 30th. Be prepared to download it before you play it. A playable demo will be available to play at Gamescom next month and a full build might also make an appearance at TGS 2016 in September just prior to its release date.

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