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New Final Fantasy 15 Interview With Game’s Director And Series Creator

by Damian Seeto


Famitsu has posted a new interview with Hajime Tabata (Final Fantasy 15 Director) and Hironobu Sakaguchi where they talk more about the new game and the long journey it has taken to finish it

One of the more recent things that Square Enix has released for fans is a new demo for Final Fantasy 15. Tabata had a few things to say about the response that it received.

He said: “Thankfully, reactions to both were better than expected. One of our goals for Platinum Demo: FFXV was to have something playable immediately after the announcement, so the phenomenal response from our fans has been a massive encouragement. I’m really glad we did that. The feedback we’ve received has given us an objective sense of what we’ll need to fix and improve for the game itself.

As for Brotherhood: FFXV, the venue audience’s reaction was better than we’d been hoping for. We’re getting many more views than we’d estimated, and it’s turned into a major new point of contact for newcomers to FFXV. We’ve received a lot of feedback for it too, which we’ll be keeping in mind as we work on the series

With development ending soon, it’s more important than ever for Square Enix to ship the game in time for its September 30th release date. Sakaguchi gave some advice to Tabata’s team on what to do during this crucial time of development.

He posted: “With the release date set, you’re starting the final struggle uphill and it’s the toughest stretch of them all. When you look back, though, going gold is a very fulfilling moment. Both FFIII and FFIV were finished around the break of dawn, and I couldn’t help striking victory poses on my way home alone. (laughs) I still remember those moments as the most enjoyable and fulfilling moments of my life. I’m sure this will be a shining milestone in Tabata-san’s own life, so do what you do, and enjoy every moment of it. This is your Final Fantasy, and the start of a new era

There are very high hopes for Final Fantasy 15 as several fans were left disappointed after the release of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. Things are looking bright for the 15th game as it has positive feedback so far.

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