New Fire Emblem Warriors Footage Shows Robin, Lucina And Lissa In Action

by Jelani James
Fire Emblem Warriors

As you might recall, Nintendo released a trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors last week which revealed Robin, Lucina, Lissa and Frederick as the latest characters to join the game’s cast. Only the trailer was available, however, so we didn’t get to see any gameplay of any of these new characters in action…until now.

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It turns out there was a demo for Fire Emblem Warriors at Japan Expo which was a different build than the one at E3. This time around, the demo featured Lucina, Robin, Lissa and Corrin as playable characters, as well as Frederick as a boss fight.

We already had an idea of how each character would fight due to the trailer, but we now have confirmation thanks to the demo footage. First off, there’s Robin who uses tomes to fight and some of what he does will seem similar if you’ve seen him in Super Smash Brothers. He can create lightning spheres for his normal attacks, as well as summon fire, lightning lasers, purple spheres, lightning vortexes and a magic circle that allows him to float for his charge attacks. As for his special attack, he uses the Levin Sword to rain down destruction on a group of hapless foes.

Meanwhile, Lucina, who was described as as fighting as a typical sword user, is essentially a faster Chrom (similar to what she was like in Fire Emblem: Awakening). One interesting thing about her, however, is that she can use a giant bow made of light during her special attack.

Lissa, though using an axe, is actually pretty fast. As for her fighting style, she twirls her axe around like a baton and even uses her staff to hit foes with bolts of lighting at the end of some of her combos. Furthermore, keeping true to her class background, Lissa is capable of using her staff to heal and a circular zone is shown before you cast the spell.

Lastly, there’s Frederick who we didn’t see much of because he only appeared as an enemy. Despite that, much like what we already surmised, his moves are noted as being “what you’d expect from a cavalier with an axe.”

Fire Emblem Warriors is scheduled for a fall 2017 release date for the Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS.

Check out the demo below:

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018