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New G1 Transformers Style Game Has Been Revealed

by Damian Seeto


A new G1 style Transformers game has been revealed a few days prior to E3 next week.

The exclusive news comes from Pure Xbox. The website posted several screenshots of the game. It will be called “Transformers: Devastation”.

Transformers: Devastation will be cel-shaded and the Transformers are based off of their original look. Fans refer this to G1 or Generation 1 Transformers.

In either case, Transformers: Devastation is a game that is shaping up to be one fans have wanted for a long time. The screenshots show old-school looks of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Devastator and more.

Pure Xbox reports Transformers: Devastation is a brawler so it sounds like a fighting game. It could be similar to how the recent Dragon Ball Z games are made.

They also say the game is likely to be released for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Since the site doesn’t talk about other platforms, it’s likely Activision will release the game on PS3 and PS4 too. A PC version could be possible too.

Since it’s a few days before E3, so we’re likely to hear more details about Transformers: Devastation very soon. It’s great the characters are based from the ’80s cartoon and not from the Michael Bay movies.

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