New GBA Game Blazes Past Kickstarter Goal, Also Coming to PC and Switch

Goodboy Galaxy boasts runaway success already.

by Holly Alice
goodboy galaxy

A new GameBoy Advance title is releasing for the first time in 13 years, and it looks sure to be a smash hit. Goodboy Galaxy has received monumental backing on Kickstarter ensuring the game will go ahead.

Goodboy Galaxy is a 2D platformer, focused on exploration mechanics. The game features Maxwell – a cute little doggy astronaut – the Goodboy himself. He explores the galaxy to find a solution to his home world’s strife. After being stranded a whole galaxy away from home, Maxwell must traverse worlds and fight foes on his quest. There is a cast of over 50 characters, secret areas, and even different routes to take through the game!


The new title is created by two friends who are still incredibly passionate about the GameBoy Advance, even years after its death. They described Goodboy Galaxy as a bit like Cave Story, or “a cuter Metroid”. Goodboy Galaxy recently went live on Kickstarter and has already passed its goal, with nearly a month still to go. With a hopeful goal of £18,000, Goodboy is currently standing at over £92,000 in donations from nearly 2000 backers – and the total is growing by the minute!

The indie title is slated to be coming out in 2023 to the Nintendo Switch and PC. Alongside a physical GameBoy Advance cartridge release, there will be a digital release for newer consoles. Whether the cartridges will be limited edition or not, we don’t know. We can say that there is an exclusive chapter for the GBA version of the game, however. The developers plan to release an enhanced edition for the PC and Switch, and with the overwhelming support they have already got, this is sure to come to fruition.

A spoiler-free demo is available now for PC and Nintendo Switch. Developers have promised that the gameplay featured in the demo won’t be in the main game, so nothing will be spoiled, but it gives us a taste of what we can expect.


The last GameBoy Advance game was released in 2008 – but the console is still popular today. Games associated with the classic console are wildly popular, with remastered versions and new entries into their series coming out regularly. WarioWare, which debuted on the GBA in 2003, has its’ latest installment Get It Together coming to the Nintendo Switch on September 10th.

Goodboy Galaxy will release in 2023 for PC, Nintendo Switch and GameBoy Advance.