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New Heroes of The Storm Event Showcases Heroes as Cybernetic Shogun Warriors

Blizzards MOBA ventures into a robot revolution.

by Alex Levine


Heroes of the Storm has been a sour topic as of late. Ever since the company canceled the Heroes Global Championship esports league, a lot of players started to lose hope on whether the struggling MOBA can be taken seriously in the video game community. Despite this, it seems that whats left of the development team is not keen to give up on their IP which was made evident with the announcement of a brand new event, the Caldeum Acropolis.

Taking place in the aforementioned event name, the story behind it is of a street gang war between two cybernetic groups, the Azure Dragons and the Onyx Turtles. However, the two have agreed to a truce to take out a bigger threat, the Jigoku Cybernetics Corporation which has the CyberOni at their disposal. In this event players will complete quests that coincide with specific requirements such as taking down a certain amount of enemies, defending points, taking mercenary camps, and winning matches with special honors like MVP.

Rewards for these quests will include event exclusive portraits, emotes, announcers, and mounts. Of course with every event comes epic skins for select heroes, and this event is no different. Lucio, Kharazim, Butcher, and Chromie all receive new cybernetic skins, and they look absolutely awesome. The event itself has been on the PTR servers for a week, but as of today it goes live on all public servers. In addition, the new Hero Role Expansion update is supposedly coming out today which changes up the current Hero role setup in order to accommodate for each Hero’s abilities on a wider scale.

Heroes of the Storm is available to play on PC for free. You can check out the Caldeum Acropolis event trailer here:

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