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New Marvel Spider-Man Movie Suit Described As ‘Awesome’

by Damian Seeto


A Marvel executive has seen the new Spider-Man movie suit already and described it as “awesome”.

IGN interviewed Joe Quesada who is the Marvel Chief Creative Officer. He’s seen the new Spider-Man suit already and likes its design.

Quesada described the suit as “awesome”. He has seen the design work for the suit and he feels it’s a costume that will “blow people away“. He even alluded that people will see the suit and know Marvel is doing the character right.

IGN pressed for more answers and wanted to know if the new Spider-Man movie suit resembles the ones seen in the comic books, or the recent movies. Quesada chose not to comment any further sadly.

In my personal opinion, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit looked the best from all of the movies made. It really looked like the character just leaped out from a comic book page. It looked far better than the weird design from the previous film, and had bigger eyes than Tobey  Maguire’s suit.

Hopefully the Tom Holland Spider-Man movie suit looks similar to the designs from the comic books. Since Marvel is involved now, the design shouldn’t stray too far from the original look of the character.

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