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New Minecraft 1.9 Dual Wielding Details Released

by William Schwartz


Nathan Adams has recently revealed more details on how dual wielding will work after the next major update to Minecraft 1.9.

Adams announced that he has finished the rendering of items in second hands, or the offhand slot, and is currently working on adding in the appropriate gameplay code. Alas, it doesn’t sound as easy as copying over code for the main hand with Adams commenting “I unfortunately forgot how difficult our ‘use item’ code is.”

Talking about how the feature is currently planned to work Adams released the following statement, although has previously mentioned that not everything is 100% set in stone:

“The way I want dual wielding to work is that it uses the right click action of your off-hand item if your main-hand doesn’t have its own. For example; if you have a pickaxe in your main hand and a torch in your other hand, right click places the torch.”

Changes like this are always bound to have both positive and negative reactions from different groups of fans. Some fans before the announcement were already calling for Mojang to “remove spam clicking” and since other fans have commented “we want to attack faster!” It seems that the Minecraft 1.9 update will be a balancing act for Mojang to appease the entire community, but most likely one group of fans will feel the changes have improved the game more so than others.

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