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New NBA 2K16 Update Makes Three Pointers Easier To Execute

by Damian Seeto


2K Sports has made a small new update to NBA 2K16 that makes it easier for you to make three pointers in the game.

NBA 2K16’s Gameplay Director, Mike Wang, recently tweeted: “Shooting update going out late tonight that should make it slightly easier to get greens on open shots. One (hopefully) last shot tweak 2AM PST. Easier greens on high % shots & slight hit to contested 3’s. Curious to read everyone’s feedback.”

This adjustment has been done to mainly reflect what is going in the real life NBA. Stephen Curry has made so many 3 pointers from long range that the video game failed to emulate this. This new update should make it easier for you to make 3 pointers.

If anyone has watched Stephen Curry lately, he’s drilled in shots that you cannot even do in the video games. 2K Sports is trying to make adjustments so that the video game can accurately portray Curry’s actual shooting ability.

As always, if you are upset with any updates made to NBA 2K16, you can always contact 2K Sports on Twitter to let them know how you feel about the gameplay changes.

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