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New Need For Speed Game Coming In 2017

by Mike Guarino


Ghost Games released a rebooted Need For Speed game last year that failed to really get people excited about the series again, though that hasn’t stopped them from getting to work on a sequel. They have just revealed in a new blog post that they are working on a new Need For Speed game that is set to launch next year.

Not a lot of information was given about the next game and how it might improve upon the game they released last year, but they do say that they are “building upon the foundations that have been laid with Need for Speed.”

Elsewhere in the blog post they reveal that the SpeedList update will be the last free content update for the game. The developer describes SpeedLists as the following:

“SpeedLists are a series of five pre-selected events that you compete in against other human opponents. Getting into the action is quick and easy, simply select the new SpeedList tile from the main menu, chose from Quick Play, Speed, Style or Mixed, and away you go.” You gain points for the place you finish, with the eventual winner being crowned at the end.

The next game in the Need For Speed series is set to be the free-to-play MMO that is being developed by EA Spearhead. It runs on the Frostbite 3 engine and is currently slated for a release later this year.

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