New Patent Suggests PS5 Faceplates Could Be On the Way

Get ready to see Official PS5 Faceplates very soon.

by Shubhendu Vatsa


Sony might finally officially give us some new PS5 Faceplates as per newly released patents. The look and feel of the new PS5s have been polarising since the start, thanks to their massive faceplates and the not-so-sturdy stand. While some have praised Sony for its futuristic design, others aren’t very fond of the next-gen PlayStations. While Sony can’t change the way how PS5s look, it sure is looking to give users more customization options via releasing official PS5 faceplates.

A brief look at the design patent reveals that the console manufacturer had initially filed the patent a week before the PS5’s November launch last year. Pretty recently, i.e., on November 16, the patent was published in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). OPAttack spotted the patent on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website, further fueling players’ hopes of Sony coming out with their own PS5 faceplates. The patent details an “ornamental design for a cover for an electronic device,” and several pictures show the faceplates from different viewpoints. However, it still remains to be seen when the company announces these new official PS5 faceplates.

Previously, many third-party creators and manufacturers had come up with PS5 covers and faceplates without Sony’s permission. This led to Sony taking legal action and threatening the companies involved to stop manufacturing these unofficial products. In a Reddit post published last month, Dbrand alleged that Sony had not registered a design patent for PS5 faceplates when the former launched its own version. But after Sony obtained the patent, it started to sue Dbrand for releasing faceplates without their permission.

The PS5 design and faceplates have been a hit and miss. Microsoft seems to be winning the design race with its Xbox Series X and S consoles. While the Xbox Series X does look like a boxy tower with nothing special in terms of design, it still isn’t as humongous as the PS5s. Moreover, the new Xbox can be kept vertically or horizontally without any hassle and they don’t even wobble. With that said, it is very exciting to see Sony finally looking to release official faceplates for the PS5.

While the company has launched different colors of the official PS5 controller, the console is currently only available in white. This newly emerged patent might be Sony’s plan to sell original faceplate replacements, possibly to match the look and feel of Midnight Black and Cosmic Red DualSense controllers.

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