Ultimate PlayStation Store Black Friday 2021 Deals Guide

Deals upon deals.

by Ben Stroud


As Black Friday returns once more for yet another year, deals and savings are scattered everywhere in stores and online. Today officially marks the beginning of Sony’s Playstation Store offers in unison with the annual rush of savings. Included are some of the year’s best moments in console titles, from new generations and previous ones. Taking part are new installments in fan-favorite series whilst also including completely new titles and IPs. Below is a breakdown of some of the highlights and offers that might just be too good to give up on the online storefront. Each title includes a link to the game’s original review, in case any further questions are to be had for any particular title.

Best PlayStation Store Black Friday Deals

Kicking off, certain Triple-A titles have been substantially discounted: Arkane Studio’s Deathloop comes in at £29.99/$29.99, alongside Far Cry’s sixth installment, priced at £41.99/$40.19, Spider-Man: Miles Morales swings in at £33.49/$29.99. Continuing the list onwards, recently released Resident Evil: Village is up for grabs at £23.64/$29.99, Bluepoint’s Demon Souls is available for £43.39/$39.89. One of last year’s greatest titles, Ghost Of Tsushima, has its PlayStation 5 Directors Cut on sale for £52.49/$49.69.

Further on, other PlayStation 5 titles have earned a price crunch: Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy blasts at £38.99/$38.99, the unforgettable Assassins Creed: Valhalla places itself at £29.99/$23.99, whilst the annual FIFA 22 is up for sale for £35.99/$35.99. Further honorable mentions are noted below, including other games recently released on the PlayStation 5.

Additional PS5 Deals:

As for the PlayStation 4, quite a number of its greatest installments have also found the prices reduced. Beginning with Red Dead Redemption 2, a steal for just £21.99/$23.99, Cyberpunk 2077 is also up for a price of £19.99/$24.99, easily two of the biggest heavyweights of the previous generation. Naughty Dog’s apocalyptic title The Last Of Us: Part 2 positions itself at £17.49/$19.99 partnered alongside with the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition priced at £38.39/$34.79.

Additional PS4 Deals:

Scheduled to finish midnight of the 30th November 2021, further deals can be found here. Overall, Sony has pulled out all the stops as far as price cuts as discounting goes for this year’s Black Friday, including games of the generation previous which are playable on their newest console, is sure to gain even more attention from shoppers.

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