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Is A New Sonic Game Coming To Celebrate Series’ 25th Anniversary?

| January 7, 2016

Is A New Sonic Game Coming To Celebrate Series' 25th Anniversary? News  Sonic The Hedgehog Sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog was once one of the most respected names in all of gaming, though he has been essentially run through the ringer over the last 10-15 years with very few quality titles. 2016 marks a very important milestone for the series and it seems that we may just be getting a new game to honor that.

Sega’s iconic character first debuted back in 1991 and became one of the most popular game series of the ’90s behind a string of quality games. The move to 3D was not the smoothest though, with terrible games like Sonic 06 and Sonic Boom coming over the years.

2011 brought us the really fun Sonic Generations as the series celebrated its 20th anniversary, and now it sounds like the 25th could be getting a game as well.

The official 20th anniversary Twitter account for Sonic tweeted the above anniversary image, which doesn’t really indicate anything, but does show they got something up their sleeves, at least in terms of celebrating the 25th anniversary.

The more interesting news came courtesy of a post on the lead singer of Crush 40 Facebook page, who was sound director for Sonic Generations. The quickly taken down post was seen by Den of Geek, where Johnny Gioeli referenced an anniversary game.

“We are planning a few performances for 2016 to commemorate the anniversary of Sonic. We might participate in writing new songs for the anniversary game… stay tuned…”

The official Crush 40 Twitter account has since tweeted saying the existence of a game are fake rumors and he would be the last person to ask about such a thing. However, this could easily be a case of the group throwing up a smokescreen after saying too much initially. Regardless, it would make sense to get a new game this year with 2015 not having one at all and the only one scheduled for 2016 being the new Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice game for 3DS, which was delayed from 2015 initially.

What would you like to see out of a 25th anniversary game from Sonic the Hedgehog? Would you want another game like Sonic Generations or something like a Sonic Adventure 3 or original Sonic The Hedgehog remake as some have claimed to have heard about? Make sure to let us know in the comments below.

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  • Kokichi Ouma –ZERO–

    Please o please be a good Sonic game

    • Scott Devine

      Like Sonic Adventure 3.

      • Scott Devine

        I just want a Sonic Adventure 3. Not a Sonic remake and Not Sonic Generations 2.

      • Kokichi Ouma –ZERO–

        It doesn’t even have to be Adventure 3,I just want good gameplay with a decent story for once. Generations was ok but it too damn short

        • UnlmitedGameWorks

          I want a Sonic RPG with swords and Mechs,
          Is that too much to ask for SEGA?( Feel, like I’m missing something?)

          • Kokichi Ouma –ZERO–

            That sounds interesting,I feel like Sonic and the black Knight could of been something like that but Sega decided to do what Sega does and screwed it up, now for me personally I would love an video game adaptation of the Sonic Archie’s comic series, there is just so much potential and material they can pull from it

          • UnlmitedGameWorks

            Hehe, I was referring to PSO2
            Mechs and Swords..
            Screw it,
            I remember when the black knight came out, the year of my life, 2009, I bought it took it home and started to slash the ever living crap out of it Amazing
            Looking back, idk how you feel but eh, lets say it was a very competitive year for gaming and eh yeah it wasn’t that much of a deal
            What really pissed me off though is we didn’t get a sequel to my first RPG I ever played, Sonic Chronicles, I love that game soo much, unbelievable man, unbelievable.
            I was only 9 and had a thing for platformers in those days and when this came a long it was awesome.
            Anyways, real talk, as long as it is good and has customization, online battles, mechs, weapons, armour, skills, heck even magic and add elemental skills, then that would be just mind blowing, (my last sonic game was unleashed :( )

          • Samuel Shank

            Looks like we need to Arrange weapons for each characters neatly like the official two.

            Sonic – Dual Swords and a Laser Chest (perhaps the chest weapon is just nanoengineered to be more battery efficient and Spin jump-friendly)

            Tails – (I’m thinking a) Pinwheel weapon and a Tablet

            Knuckles – Same as before (maybe a) trench knife upgrade, too (creative, huh?)

            Amy – Same as before

            Put in some Archie/SatAM elements along with “Scratch & Grounder” to make it seem more fascinating than the games.

            Make Snively More Prominent because he was Eggman’s nephew and the of course, first relative of his in the franchise before SA2 already established his extended family.

            And plus, i think 15 and a half% of female mobians/anthro’s should be naked too Just LTB (Like the boys) if they really wish and with the same percentage for the males to wear full clothing. God, Kill those double standards and things will be okay for now.

          • Kokichi Ouma –ZERO–

            OK let’s not get ahead of ourselves we don’t want another Sonic Boom/06 crisis, the only characters that should have weapons are the ones that actually make sense like Tails and his gadgets/tech and Amy with her hammer,with rpg elements characters will level up and earn equipable abilities and moves.

  • hanyoukimura

    I grew up with the Genesis and Generations is fun to play as 2D Sonic, but I actually like “modern” Sonic when he’s done right, like in Colors and Generations. I’ll take anything that isn’t Sonic Boom though.

    • Scott Devine

      I think Sonic Adventure 3 would be nice.

      • Kee Martin

        Buddy, get over Sonic Adventure 3. It’s been 15 years. This isn’t Duke Nukem we’re talking about. There will never be an Adventure 3 after all this time. If it hasn’t happened by now, it won’t happen at all.

  • Sonic Adventure 3 plz for the love of Eggman!

  • Scott Devine

    All I want for Sonic Adventure 3 is:
    Playable characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, Blaze, Amy, Cream, Rouge, Shade
    Next Generation of sonic characters: New hedgehog character, his younger sister and his echidna best friend
    Emblems return
    Sonic Colors/Boom voice actors
    Chao Garden with returning stuff like all animals from SA1 and SA2, Chaos Drives, Chao Races and Karate and a new feature, Chao Daycare Center
    Orbot and Cubot return
    Chaos Emeralds
    New levels
    Crush 40
    New objects

  • Scott Devine

    Give me Sonic Adventure 3 already!

  • Scott Devine

    I just want a sonic adventure 3, not a remake, not Generations 2.

  • Kee Martin

    I don’t want Sonic Adventure 3. As far as I’m concerned, that was made in 2006 and was goddamn awful… And besides, think about it this… If a game is called Adventure 3, where is the guarantee that it’ll be super fun? Just because it has the title, that doesn’t guarantee quality!

    As a Sonic fan of 20 years, Whatever they have on the horizon, I shall be interested for… I just wish the hype for Sonic Adventure 3 will just die. It’s been 15 years. If Sonic 06 wasn’t Adventure 3, no game will be Adventure 3.

    My desire for 2016: A new Sonic game as fun as Sonic Generations, and the continuation of the Sonic Boom series…. Because I like Sonic Boom.

  • Kahleek

    I hope it’s the thrid episode of Sonic The Hedgehog 4!

  • Martin Bruce

    add sonic colors to xbox and playstation not wii only and Remastered shadow the hedgehog and Sonic heroes also a new game Like Sonic Adventure 3 and a next 3D world like Sonic unleashed and Sonic Generations and also to do with sonic x and underground tv episode to put in a video game on Xbox one and ps4