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New This Week in Video Games (Sept. 13-17)

End the fall with a bang!

by Elliott Gatica


We are hitting the midpoint of September and getting close to the start of the Fall season for video games. The summer season is ending strong, but light in terms of releases. Here are the last video games coming out before fall along with their release dates.

September 14

Deathloop – PlayStation 5, PC (Bethesda, Steam)

This is perhaps the biggest release coming out this week. Deathloop is a roguelike first person shooter game with a groovy atmosphere and a lot of charisma. It’s looking to be one of those games that will set a new standard for this genre. It may as well be the Returnal killer if it performs well.

September 16

Eastward – Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam), Apple OS

From the people who created Stardew Valley, Eastward is looking mighty interesting. The visuals in this game are nearly identical to the critically acclaimed game. Eastward is much more action adventure oriented game with a dark

Metallic Child – Nintendo Switch, PC

This action-packed, roguelike game seems really intense, fun, and appealing to those who like anime. You assume control of Rona, an android, who will stop other robots aboard a laboratory from carrying on a plot to destroy Earth. This game seems to have some crazy battles ranging from giant mechs, beast dogs, and nail-biting dodging segments.

Skatebird – Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC

The title speaks for itself. The game is literally about birds riding skateboards. Think Tony Hawk, and that pun is totally free real estate. Birds doing kickflips, ollies, pop shuvits, 50-50 grinds is totally what no one would imagine.

September 17

Aragami 2 – PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, PC (Steam)

This ninja stealth game game has an interesting premise. Play as one of the few remaining Aragami warriors and use their Shadow Essence to quell your foes and fight off your enemies. This Shadow Essence will be very useful in taking down opposition in silent ease. This game will also allow for 3-player co-op.

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom – Prince’s Edition – Nintendo Switch

The popular Miyazaki-inspired action RPG is getting a definitive edition to give Switch owners the full experience. Play as King Evan who will embark on a quest to save the world and unite his newfound kingdoms.

Tails of Iron – PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox one and Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam)

Tails of Iron is an upcoming RPG game where you play as a rat warrior at war against a rival frog clan. Take on these threats in very gruesome 2D combat and restore your land after the invasion of the frog clan. Also, be ready for those “tail” puns because it’s definitely fitting for this kind of narrative.

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