New Tony Hawk Game Coming To PS4 In 2015

by Damian Seeto

Tony Hawk announced at Sony’s CES 2015 Keynote that his latest game will be released later this year for the PS4.

Tony Hawk didn’t announce his new game is exclusive to the PS4, he just confirmed it will be out for the platform in 2015. It’s likely the game will be out on other platforms, but he couldn’t say this since this was Sony’s presentation after all.

The fact that Tony Hawk mentioned his game is coming out to PS4 only suggests the game is being built for current-gen hardware only. He didn’t say the game is coming out for PS3 or PS Vita either.

This will be the first proper Tony Hawk game to be released in many years. The last decent game from the man was Proving Ground which came out in 2009. While the last decent skateboarding game came out in 2010 which was EA’s Skate 3.

For a few years after that, Tony Hawk released some bad motion control skating games as well as a mobile only title. The fact his newest game will be out on PS4 is great news for skating fans.

No other relevant information was provided about Tony Hawk’s new game. Hopefully we will hear more on it later this year.