Next Marvel’s Avengers Updates Add Playable Jane Foster and Reworked Events

The Mighty Thor lands in Marvel's Avengers later this year.

by Diego Perez


After a long, long period of silence, Crystal Dynamics has finally shared some information about the future of Marvel’s Avengers. The game has been slowly improving over the last year, with the War for Wakanda expansion adding the game’s first raid and the most recent update reworking the game’s onboarding process and placing Nick Fury back at the helm of SHIELD. Of course, the game’s roster has also grown considerably since launch, receiving heroes like Black Panther and Spider-Man among others.

However, most would say that Marvel’s Avengers still has not lived up to its full potential, and even launching on Xbox Game Pass has not done much to revitalize the playerbase. Crystal Dynamic’s commitment to fixing the game’s core issues appears to continue with the next major update, and many will be disappointed with the next hero joining the roster as a result.

Update 2.4: Reworked Events

Currently scheduled to be released in May, Update 2.4 will focus on systems improvements with a focus on in-game events according to Crystal Dynamics. Marvel’s Avengers features multiple events that rotate on a regular schedule, and these events will be getting more rewards and objectives to further flesh them out. Here’s what the team has planned for the event rework:

  • To make each event more unique and worth playing, we’re improving and diversifying rewards across events, with each event now rewarding gear from different sets.
  • Adding Unit rewards to a wider variety of event missions to provide even more ways to earn shipments and cosmetic vendor outfits.
  • Adding higher power level gear rewards to meta objectives to create another path to gear-up beyond the soft-cap on drops for non-Raid/Omega-Level Threat content.
  • Meta objectives will grant rewards to your entire eligible roster, not just a single hero, allowing you to gear up your squad while playing your favorite hero.

In combination with the recent gear changes and new onboarding tweaks, the next update should make the game much more satisfying to play as a looter. That’s not all though, because the next update has something even bigger in store: an all-new playable hero.


Update 2.5: Jane Foster Joins the Avengers Roster

Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor, is the next hero coming to Marvel’s Avengers. There’s no release date for Update 2.5 or Jane Foster, but she’ll most likely drop this summer alongside Thor: Love and Thunder, where Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster will wield Mjolnir on the big screen.

Many fans are disappointed to hear that the game is getting a second Thor, especially when the game already has both Clint Barton and Kate Bishop as Hawkeye, but Crystal Dynamics has done well in the past when it comes to making similar characters feel unique. While Jane will likely still feel similar to the existing Thor, she’ll have her own unique moveset and abilities that give her a different role on the team.

Crystal Dynamics will share more information regarding Update 2.4 and Update 2.5 soon, so expect to get a glimpse of the Mighty Thor sometime in the coming weeks along with a new Marvel’s Avengers War Table stream. Things are still mostly quiet for Marvel’s Avengers this year though, and the 2022 roadmap is still nowhere to be seen.

Marvel’s Avengers is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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