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Is a Next-Gen Fallout 4 announcement inbound?

| April 9, 2013

Is a Next-Gen Fallout 4 announcement inbound? News  Xbox 720 PS4 Fallout 4

Bethesda has issued a tease of “exciting” reveals in 2013. The developer responsible for The Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchises has said that 2013 will be a considerably bigger year for them than 2012 was.

“I think you’ll hear us making considerably more noise this year than we did last year,” said Pete Hines in a recent podcast with OXM. Hines addressed the known variables for 2013. He spoke about Dishonored’s upcoming DLC, as well as the anticipated release of Elder Scrolls Online. However, Hines also said that “We will be announcing new stuff and making some noise, and I think when we get the chance to show you guys what we’re up to, that you’ll sit up and take notice.”

You’ll hear us making considerably more noise this year than we did last year

Hines didn’t give the podcast much information to go on, but Bethesda is obviously expected to be working on Fallout 4. Many believe that this will be the company’s first big announcement for the next generation systems from Microsoft and Sony. Rumors have been swirling for awhile that Fallout 4 is indeed in the works.

Teases from industry insiders, and reports out of Boston suggested that Bethesda was poking around in the area doing research as a possible setting for the sequel.

While it’s not a certainty at this point that Bethesda release a fourth Fallout game, it would make a lot of sense. At the onset of the current generation, Bethesda released their The Elder Scrolls IV, very early in the life-cycle of the Xbox 360. Could they be planning on doing the same, except this time with Fallout 4?

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  • Facts First

    After this gen, one has to wonder if Bethesda is capable of making a game that works on the PlayStation 4. Such a pity too. Fallout and Elder Scrolls were some of the best games of this generation, and PlayStation got really bad ports.

    I hate to say it, but many PlayStation fans have just had to avoid these great games because of the bugs and glitches that the PlayStation 3 hardware caused, missed some great games by picking the PS3.


    • tyler rydman

      So wait for patches to come out that fix the bugs, and stop bitching!


      Yeah ps3 had inferior hardware so it caused a lot of problems.

      • jy jyuj

        It’s not that PS3 couldn’t run games as well, it was the complex architecture that led almost all developers to not take full advantage of the PS3’s Cell. I have Skyrim on PS3 and after the patches it runs fine.

        PS4’s architecture is that of a PC’s, so there won’t be anymore bad ports, unless Microsoft ramps up their 720 specs, because at the moment the PS3 has the superior GPU.


          Ram < GPU.

          Sony wasted their budget on the ram LOL.

          • jy jyuj

            Ram has its uses. Games shouldn’t be completely about super pretty graphics.

    • Frank

      Strange. I’ve put 80+ hours into every Bethesda RPG game this gen and only experienced the normal bug every now and then. Oh wait, youre Facts First, the guy who never uses facts. Makes sense. Have fun playing Kinectimals 3 while we play AAA exclusives, #Dealwithit

      • Not Bob

        80+ hours? Noob. :P

        • Taco Tuesday Man

          Virgin, ;P

    • Thelouiedog

      Shouldve gone Xbox buddy boy ??????????????????

      • Analreproducter

        Fanboy much?

    • Anthony

      Are you serious dude. Ok maybe skyrim had problems on ps3 but i had no probs with oblivion and fallout 3. Also skyrims problems were due with ps3’s 512mb divided ram(256, and 256) where as the 360’s was unified ram……PS4 has 8gb of unified ram and its faster ram(ddr5 instead of ddr3) so the ram wont be a issue. Also the ps3 was hard to develop for due to its architecture… Ps4 is built with pc parts so its 80% easier to develop for and understand… So if there is problems with bethesda games on ps4 its all on them…

    • I had no problems.


    Prey 2

  • just

    ERM what are you talking about fool? Ps3 had just as many bugs as 360, save your pity for the people in the middle east.

  • just

    I got more bugs in Skyrim, fallout 3 and new Vegas, even oblivion, on my dusty Xbox piece of crap, Maybe instead of listening to every fool who says Ps3 has ‘Major’ issues, you should try one out for yourself.

    • XDD 9gag army

      Fucking loser

  • Maven Black-Briar

    I have XBOX and PS3 and all I can say is they Suck! All of Bethesda’s games freeze on them. While on PC it looks better, runs better, and never freezes. PC is better enough said.

    • Allen

      PC may be better but ROFLMFAO it never freezes. I’m sure it never crashes and you never have to upgrade it either.

  • Roach

    I would’ve been more excited if it were Obsidian developing, or more specifically, Chris Avellone. That guy is pretty much a God in my mind when it comes to developing RPGs, as he knows how to utilize the strengths of the medium better than anyone. Bethesda make great worlds, but their writing is so awful the worlds aren’t realized to their full potential. And for a game as open and as vast as theirs, they do not seem to get consequence and choice at all. I’m sorry, but when I am Arch-Mage, Fighter’s Guild Champion, Listener and the Grey Fox and nobody seems to notice or care, that’s not right. And when people still talk to you like “You know you should visit the College of Winterhold” or “Hmmm, yes yes I’m sure you have something important to say..” when you’re Arch-Mage, that really breaks the immersion of the game. Obsidian gets this. One only has to compare Fallout 3 (1 main quest, separate side quests that have no connectivity to the world, no mulitple ways to solve quests) to Fallout New Vegas (4 main quests, side quests are interconnected with the plotline, and there are almost always at least 2-3 ways to go about completing a quest) to see why.

    • nathan

      Obsidian has only made 10 games 8 where crap loved nwn2. fonv was ok but the out come of the game was always the same no matter what choices you made. don’t give me options if they don’t make no difference in the long run its stupid. I have adhd and if the story wonders off I get bored of the game. so a straight easy to follow story is the way I like it. side quest should just be that to the side of the story not part of it. fo3 had total emersion from the story to the music I felt I was there and found myself wondering the tunnels for hours killing and luting. new vegas never did that for me you should have seen more people in the city along with random killings and more damage to the city and those stupid lizard looked retarded. i didn’t feel like I was in a nuclear wasteland more like a third world country .

      • Roach

        I’m a little confused by your reply. Fallout New Vegas had, at a minimum, two endings. You either took Hoover away from the NCR or you stopped Caesar’s Legion from taking it. In reality, it was four (House, Wild Card, Caesar and NCR) with a great many side quests playing different roles in the end game. For example, if you do not convince the Great Khans that siding with Caesar is a bad idea, guess who you get to fight? Depending on how much the Boomers like you, you will either get an artillery bombardment or an aerial bombardment. You deciding whether or not to blow up the underground bunker by Fortification Hill determines how much support you will receive taking Hoover. Not only does this game emphasize choice but, unlike say Mass Effect 3, that choice actually has repercussions.

        “More people in the city along with random killings…” How the hell does that make any sense?! Fallout New Vegas already has significantly more people than Fallout 3. So much so that many reviewers complained that it ruined the immersion of a nuclear fallout unlike Fallout 3. Of course, any one who was a fan of Fallout 1 and 2 (me) knew that Fallout New Vegas was supposed to be a continuation of society slowly but surely regrouping from the mess yet, as the game cynically points out, nothing changes. Despite all the horrible things that have happened people still fight, people still cheat, etc. Hence, WAR, WAR NEVER CHANGES. It’s a cynical look at society, one that is forever stuck in a conundrum of bloodshed that it refuses to wash itself away from.

        Random killings… I don’t even know what to say here, except this is a video game, not a murder simulation.

        “More damage to the city…” Were you even reading the lore?! This game continually pounds in your face that Mr. House prepped the city so that it wouldn’t be affected by nukes. And even if there were nukes that landed, which there were, it’s been 204 years since the Great War. 204 years. Society by this time has already well gotten past the barren wasteland of no hospitality since Fallout 1, and is now trying to regroup. (This is also another failing by Bethesda’s writing team, inexplicably having a society 200 years after the Great War still stuck in a rut like the nukes just landed, with no source of drinkable water in sight, meaning no effective farmland, meaning no food. Never mind that one nuclear warhead effectively leveled Salt Lake City yet most of D.C. is intact save the White House. Or that the currency is bottle caps even though society moved on from that AND that no one is controlling the money supply or their worth, unlike the NCR, the Water Traders, etc. OR that the Enclave, effectively eliminated in Fallout 2, magically show up in Fallout 3 full force, etc.)

        So, concerning side quests, you’re telling me that you would rather have: a story about blood sucking vampires recruiting a kid with mommy issues, a society of annoying twerps who have shown no willingness to even revolt, nor explain how they can keep the Super Mutants out, an army of ants invading a city, a city of cannibals, a city that, despite complaining of overwhelming Super Mutant attacks, is attacked by two whopping Super Mutants who are so effectively scared they vow never to attack Big Town again, a city with two people who are mentally unstable and consider themselves heroes, and an Oasis that inexplicably has flora and fauna everywhere because Harold says so. All in a story that emphasizes the emptiness of the Capital Wasteland. I’m sorry, but the whole point of side quests is to offer optional content that either fleshes out the characters, the lore, the story, or the motives. Fallout 3 was essentially a bunch of teenagers saying “This sounds cool” at the expense of lore, effectively creating a dichotonomy between what the story wants to convey (sacrifice and isolation) and what the writers want to convey (city of ants, I’m so smart).

  • djmagnumb

    As I’ve said before…multiple times already…if Obsidian is deving it I won’t be buying it. However, if Bethesda is deving it, I’ll definitely be buying it.

  • fallout wizard

    its not going to be in boston. for one the first teaser showed a sign for los angeles. also the boston rumor was started by some fag on reddit who has deleted it since

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