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NHL 16 Adds Back Missing Gamemodes, Hits PS4 and Xbox One this September

by Kyle Hanson


EA Sports has unveiled NHL 16, revealing that the game will hit PS4 and Xbox One this September. The game will feature a number of improvements and changes, but the biggest for series veterans is that NHL 16 will add back a number of missing elements from last year’s entry. NHL 15 was the first game in the series to hit the newer consoles, which caused some trouble due to the transition. NHL 16 fixes that by being exclusive to current gen systems, and featuring a lot of the missing modes, such as EA Sports Hockey League.

The full list of gamemodes includes:

  • Play Now
  • Be a Pro
  • Be a GM
  • Season Mode
  • Practice Mode
  • Playoff Mode
  • NHL Moments Live
  • Hockey Ultimate Team
  • EA Sports Hockey League
  • Online Team Play
  • Online Versus

EA Sports discussed the features of NHL 16 by saying:

First we looked to our biggest fans and asked them to be a part of our team. We spent more time listening and working with them this year than ever before. Their most requested features and modes are in NHL 16 and include new experiences that make NHL bigger and better. In Hockey Ultimate Team you’ll now be able to play through single player offline seasons. In Be a GM, not only will you navigate the motions of draft day and manage your AHL affiliate team, but now you can also manage the morale of individual players on your NHL roster throughout the season. Finally, Be a Pro brings back features like Sim to the Next Shift and the ability to start your career in the minors and also introduces a brand new progression system where how you play on the ice, shapes who you become in the NHL.

We know we can’t talk about team without mentioning the EA SPORTS Hockey League. This fan favorite mode has been reimagined to deliver a competitive and balanced experience. We’re removing the progression grind, that our fans told us created an unbalanced online experience, in favor of a new player class system. These player classes will be tuned to play together, each bringing their own strengths to the ice. The new EA SPORTS Hockey League is all about putting together the right mix of classes to support your team’s playing style, and then stepping on to the ice and letting your skill, not ratings, be the differentiator between being good and being great.

But the new EASHL is just one of the many new ways you can compete as a team. NHL 16 brings back 6v6 online team play including goalies, and Online couch co-op, where you and up to 3 friends on the same console can compete online against another team of up to 4 players.

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