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NHL 16 Is Now Available On EA Access

by Dean James


EA Access first launched back in 2014 as a subscription service that was exclusive to Xbox One, which allows players to experience the EA game backlog for a monthly fee. They have been really good at adding games pretty often, including the annual sports games and now yet another has been added.

February saw the addition of Madden NFL 16 in honor of the Super Bowl and now they have added another sports title to the EA Access library with NHL 16.

NHL 16 launched last September and was definitely an improvement on the first iteration on current-gen consoles, but still definitely had its faults. As a result, getting to play it as part of EA Access is a much better option for someone that may not have wanted to pay full price for the game.

The timing of this addition is pretty fitting, as the Stanley Cup Playoffs are set to kick off in just a couple weeks. People are bound to be in the mood for some hockey action and NHL 16 definitely will provide a very authentic experience at the very least, while also giving a tease to see if you may want to pick up the inevitable NHL 17 when it launches sometime later this year.

You can find NHL 16 as part of EA Access starting right now on Xbox One, which you can sign up for at only $4.99 a month. This is far from the only game in the library, so it may be worth your money for not only this game, but plenty of others as well.

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