Nielsen Study shows Majority of Gamers don’t know about Natal

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Yesterday, we published an excerpt of a report from OTX that stated a larger number of gamers were aware and ready to purchase Microsoft’s Natal over PlayStation’s Move.  Today a new report from The Neilsen Company states the contrary.

“So how do Natal and Move fare in terms of consumer response going into E3? Fully 23% are aware of Move and 21% of Natal among the total group of gamers surveyed, regardless of systems owned. For those who actually own, play and purchase games for the requisite consoles already, 42% of PlayStation 3 gamers are aware of Move and 39% of Xbox 360 gamers are aware of Natal. Gamers voice slightly greater purchase interest for Natal, though the differences are small between gamers for the relevant consoles. Those who are aware voice substantial definite purchase interest which speaks to the high anticipation among the most engaged consumers in the category.”

“These figures represent something of an initial read in that many key details, such as specific games supported and price, have yet to be released, and advertising campaigns have not yet shifted into gear. Indeed, nearly 40% of gamers state that they don’t know when either of these motion control systems will be available despite the fact that both companies have publicly stated that plans are to release these in the holiday time frame.”


Both studies conclude that the figures represent the fact that many of the details of the products aren’t known yet, as marketing for the products has yet to hit full stride.  After E3, the awareness numbers for the products should increase. In the meantime we are doing are our own survey.

Do you like Red Balls?  Yes?  Buy Natal.   No?  Wait til E3 and see if anything sparks your interest.

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