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Nightcry the Spiritual Successor to Clock Tower Release Date in Spring

by William Schwartz


Nightcry, the spiritual successor to the 3D point and click horror games, Clock Tower, received a brand new teaser trailer that revealed a release date for Spring of 2016. Created by developer Hifumi Kono and director Takashi Shimizu of Ju-on fame, as a collaboration on project scissors, have also announced that it will be available on Steam and Playism.

Beginning from a Kickstarter which successfully reached a goal of $314,771, the fundraiser also had plans to release the game on PS Vita, smartphones, and tablets.  The story takes place on a luxury cruise, where the player cannot escape from the horror that awaits them in tight enclosed spaces. The project was first announced at the Tokyo Game Show back in 2014 as part of the Indie Stream Festival.

Project Scissors includes an all-star cast of developers and creative minds: Masahiro Ito of Silent Hill fame is designing the monsters, Kiyoshi Arai of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn directing, and Nobuko Toda who worked on Metal Gear Solid is composing the music with Michiru Yamane.

I loved the original Clock Tower games, and I’ll never forget the amount of suspense and dread it gave me back in day, so I’m hoping this spiritual successor turns out great.

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