Nintendo 3DS outsells Wii in first nine months on the market

Nintendo 3DS outsells the Wii in first nine months on market.
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While the Nintendo 3DS got off to a rocky start with its first party line-up woes, and pre-emptive price cut that left many scratching their heads, 2011 was kind to Nintendo and their latest handheld.  Bolstered by the back-end releases of titles like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart 7, and Super Mario 3D Land, the 3DS has sold more units in the first nine months than the Wii did when it released back in 2006.

Nintendo claims in a recent release that the handheld sold 4 million units since March 2011 and points the finger at “one of the strongest software lineups in our history”, when looking for the catalyst for their holiday 2011 success.  Earlier last year when Nintendo slashed the price of the handheld, the company had lowered their sales estimates, and while they’re certainly not making as much money per 3DS sold with the recent price cut, they are definitely giving gamers an affordable way in to the glasses free 3D world of the 3DS.

2012 looks to hold a lot of promise for Nintendo.  The company must have something big in-store for the Wii U with so many rumors brewing, and the lineup of first party 3DS titles is once again impressive.  Luigi’s Mansion 2, Kid Icarus Uprising, Paper Mario 3DS, and other titles are expected to hit the handheld exclusively in 2012.

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