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Nintendo 3DS Rumored to have HD quality

by William Schwartz


The Tanooki recently proposed that the Nintendo next handheld device , The Nintendo 3DS will meet the quality seen on home consoles.

According to IGN, some game developers went off-the-record to give them the scoop about the Nintendo 3DS. Apparently, the video quality surpasses that of the Wii. Actually, it’s more in line with current HD consoles Xbox 360 and PS3. Did that just blow your mind?

Insides are also claiming that the handheld won’t be using the NVIDIA Tegra chipset, a rumor that started shortly after Nintendo’s broke the 3DS news. The handheld is also rumored to feature an analog stick and built in rumble.

While Wii HD rumors were all the rage, not many stopped to think that Nintendo’s next handheld may go that route first. While these are all rumors for now, it’s very, very exciting.

IGN via The Tannooki

This would be an amazing feat if Nintendo could match the graphic fidelity of the Xbox 360 let alone the PlayStation 3.  We’re just hoping for Wii or better.

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