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Nintendo Admits 3DS Launch Lineup Was Weak

by William Schwartz


From what we saw at E3 2011, Nintendo is getting ready to unleash a load of first party content for the Nintendo 3DS that frankly should have been there when the handheld launched a few months back.  Groans from the Nintendo 3DS community were plenty, with many gamers complaining that there simply wasn’t anything that they wanted to play with their new toy.

Nintendo has recently come out and admit there mistake of launching the device with an insufficient number of titles available at launch.  Satoru Iwata recently told investors that the company simply was “not able to launch Nintendo 3Ds at a time when a sufficient number of strong software titles were ready”.  Iwata blamed the mishap mostly on quality control, claiming that the company is constantly trying to ensure that the quality of the first party content that comes from Nintendo is of the nature that fans expect from the company.

The 3DS saw sluggish sales coming out of the gates, and it may have been attributable to the weak library for the console, but rest assured, Nintendo has an onslaught of titles on the way.  Games like Luigi’s Mansion 2, Kid Icarus, Super Mario 3D, Star Fox 3D, Mario Kart 3D and strong third party support with the Metal Gear remake, among others that are coming to the handheld. The 3DS should have a more than capable library on it’s hands once the real handheld war begins, and the PlayStation Vita launches.

Source: IGN

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