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Nintendo Digital Content Now Purchasable with PayPal

by Dylan Siegler


Nintendo has become known by some people as a company out of touch with their fanbase, often making questionable business decisions that make it harder to be a fan of the company, such as the NES Classic fiasco from last year. However, since the launch of their new console, the Switch, it seems that the company has been trying to make it easier to be a fan of theirs instead.

Today (August 22) saw Nintendo making a small gesture, but one that many fans will be sure to be glad to hear. The company made the announcement on their official website that customers can now use PayPal to pay for digital content. Once you connect your PayPal account to your Nintendo account, you will be able to use PayPal to pay for digital 3DS and Wii U eShop games on your computer as well as using the service to buy Switch eShop games on the Switch itself. Up to this point, the only ways to buy games from Nintendo’s eShop was with either a credit/debit card or eShop gift cards. While there’s nothing particularly wrong with these options, there are those who prefer to use a service like PayPal. Those fans will likely be happy to hear that they can now use their preferred method of payment for Nintendo games.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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