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Nintendo Offering New 2DS XL, Mario Kart 7 Bundle

Does the 3DS system family still has some life left in it?

by Jacob Bukacek

With the meteoric rise of the Nintendo Switch, one would think that Nintendo would be working on phasing out the Nintendo 3DS line of systems. However, it seems Nintendo is still quite confident in its dedicated portable device. The hardware company issued a couple of small announcements today that seemed to  reaffirm its interest in continuing to support the system for the foreseeable future.  First, the Nintendo 2DS XL device is now available in a purple and silver colored variant, and next is that it and it’s black/blue sibling will be available in new bundles that include Mario Kart 7 as the pack-in game.

As the trailer above shows, there are still plenty of good reasons to pick up a 3DS if one still hasn’t gotten around to getting one. Pokemon Sun and Moon, Super Mario 3D Land, and Mario Kart 7 are all excellent games plucked out of a whole library of great titles that still easily hold up today. However, the fact still remains that the Nintendo 2DS and it’s 3DS cousins are members of a seven year old family of systems. This wasn’t a problem during the days of the Wii U, but now that the Switch is here and filling the device’s previous niche, one wonders if the Nintendo 3DS has been well and truly rendered as obsolete.

Fans will surely not mind continuing to enjoy the system so long as Nintendo continues to produce games for it, and the publisher seems more than willing to do that for the time being. Still, with no major titles announced as coming to the system in 2019, there’s a good chance that the Nintendo 3DS will be joining the ranks of the classic systems sooner rather than later.

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