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The Nintendo Switch Price Could be Lower than You Think

by Kyle Hanson


With Nintendo’s official unveiling of the Nintendo Switch just around the corner, fans and media are all scrambling to get in their last minute predictions about what the big info will be. We’ll find out the final release date and most likely a list of games that will be coming to the portable console, but the big question for a lot of people is what will be the Nintendo Switch price. There have been a lot of guesses, including my own of $299 on our podcast, but now Nikkei has weighed in with a much lower price tag than many were guessing.

The Japanese paper, via Engadget, has predicted the Nintendo Switch price will be around ¥25,000, which would likely translate to about $250, though it’s $215 by today’s exchange rate. Of course, they could just be pulling this figure out of the air, but Nikkei has a good track record when it comes to these things. They have a knack for calling Nintendo’s big reveals slightly before they are made, including the DSi, select details of the 3DS and were fairly close to the Wii U price, just to name a few.

Still, this is just a prediction and the article is saying that this is what consumers should plan around, not necessarily what they will spend exactly. It’s not a leak either, as Nikkei is not citing some unnamed source within Nintendo. Still, it’s another data point in the long game of predicting the final Nintendo Switch price tag. It being lower than most others should at least give gamers hope that the console won’t break their bank account.

What do you think? Is $250 the sweet spot for the Nintendo Switch? Could it go higher and still gain the traction it needs to be a real contender in the console market? Can Nintendo win back the customers they lost with the Wii U? Let us know in the comments.

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