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Nintendo Switch’s Online Chat Set Up Looks Ridiculous

by Al McCarthy


Nintendo Switch online is still pretty much a mystery at this point.  While the company has revealed that they will be offering a paid online multiplayer service like PlayStation Network or Xbox Live for the first time, it was also revealed that the system would use smart phones for online voice chat.

At the time it was an odd announcement.  Now, it’s starting to look even more so as a Japanese gaming peipherals maker has published what appears to be instructions for setting up their upcoming headset that’s due to launch alongside Splatoon 2.

It looks simple enough.  Plug one end of an adapter into the Nintendo Switch, plug the other end into your phone, and then plug their headset into said adapter.  Load up an app on your phone, more than likely, and off you go, simple voice chat…. insert sarcasm here.

In actuality, there isn’t a more complicated system that Nintendo could integrate into their new console than this one.  Sure, they do face an interesting challenge with the Nintendo Switch being an on-the-go device, but it seems like they could’ve come up with something a little less complicated than this and just integrated the voice chat in the tablet itself.

This is just one way of using voice chat on the Switch, with one specific headset.  Initially Nintendo said they would be helping people “avoid bulky gamer headsets” with the Switch, so hopefully when their first party solution is made known it will look less ridiculous than this one.


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