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No Man’s Sky Adds Massive Exo Mech in Next Update

Laugh in the face of danger with your own personal mech.

by Brandon Adams


Seems Hello Games continues to plug away at No Man’s Sky, and their next major update brings some quality of life and a giant Exo Mech to the game. The Minotaur Exo Mech is a hulking metal monstrosity able to leap across the landscape in a single bound, and it’s immune to environmental hazards (which in No Man’s Sky is a massive boon). The mech has its own set of upgrades and technologies, such as being able to harvest rare planetary resources without having to to leave the warm, safe embrace of the cockpit.

A new Exo Mech is nice and all, but No Man’s Sky’s vehicles are a pain to use while exploring, considering they need a base to deploy. No more, says Hello Games! Well, mostly. You’ll need to build an Orbital Exocraft Materializer on your freighter first, but this new device will allow you to deploy any and all vehicles from your freighter after you summon it into orbit. To make exocraft even more independent of a base a new Icarus Fuel System can be installed in each that will allow them to recharge in the daylight.

Hello Games also improved the lighting on planets, such as making moving objects like grass appear lighter and more stable. They’ve also divorced resolution scaling from the UI, so you can now scale the game separately from the interface if you need a boost in performance. Other small quality of life tweaks are dropping with Update 2.4, like the Electrical Cloaking Unit that’ll allow players to finally hide all the bothersome powerlines darting across their bases.

The full patch notes can be found here, and I’ve got the full trailer posted below. I still casually flirt with No Man’s Sky, but the prospect of piloting a mech in VR certainly has me excited.

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