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No Man’s Sky ‘Visions’ Update Adds New Biomes, Creatures, More

Gotta admire Hello Games' dedication to this project.

by Jacob Bukacek

It really is incredible how far both Hello Games and No Man’s Sky have come since the game launched in 2016. No Man’s Sky has gone from being a grim lesson in the consequences of hype culture to an example of how steady developer support and dedication can turn a disappointing game into one that’s pretty decent, perhaps even legitimately good. Hello Games themselves have enjoyed a steady come back with each update, and the next one should improve their standing with gamers even more.

No Man’s Sky will be getting another free and dramatic update on November 22. Dubbed “Visions,” this update will be bringing a large number of fixes to the game, as well as an impressive amount of new content for players to enjoy. Once “Visions” goes live, players will have new fauna to catalog, new atmospheric conditions to contend with, the ability to collect special trophies from their travels, salvage scrap from downed satellites and ships, encounter living rocks and hazardous flora, and enjoy their own crafted firewoks along with several other new items and features.

Money is also going to become a bit easier to come by thanks to brand new potential sources of income. Players who brave the most hostile planetary atmospheres will have the chance to collect extremely rare and valuable storm crystals. Additionally, downed freighters have been remixed and carry valuable loot, and rare archaeological finds filled with valuable relics can now uncovered and looted. There’s a lot more out there to do and find, so make sure to check out the trailer for a full description of what’s coming to the game tomorrow.

No Man’s Sky is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It’s “Visions” update goes live on November 22.

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