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Not Even Bungie Thinks They’ve Done a Good Job With Destiny

by William Schwartz


Since its 2014 launch, Destiny has been one of the most controversial new franchises in gaming. Despite selling millions of copies of the game across the Xbox and PlayStation platforms, Bungie has yet to strike a note that resonates with everyone.

Though it’s not just gamers who are disappointed in Destiny, Bungie also looks at the game with a scrutinous eye. In a recent interview, Bungie’s Luke Smith gives some insight as to how the studio is looking at Destiny in its current state, and their plans for the future.

Destiny has a ridiculous amount of potential that we haven’t met at all

“I actually don’t think there are many, or any, people on the Bungie team who look at Destiny as a job well done,” says Smith. “It’s like a job in progress that has a ridiculous amount of potential that we haven’t met at all in a bunch of ways… that potential is the thing we’re still chasing,” Smith revealed in a developer roundtable discussion.

Bungie’s next spot to get closer to reaching said potential is in the upcoming Taken King expansion. Unfortunately, they already managed to stir up controversy about the Taken King Collector’s Edition, where the game’s creative director got into hot water with fans.

So just how can Bungie reach the potential for Destiny? The Taken King doesn’t seem like a huge departure from what’s already out there, but we’ll see when the game launches on September 15th whether or not Destiny players are happy when “Year 2” begins and if Bungie inches closer to their long term goals for the franchise.

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