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Now That He’s Retired, Reggie Fils-Aime Finally Has a Twitter Account

You can follow him @Reggie.

by Dylan Siegler


A couple of months ago, President of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime announced his plans to retire this year. Today (April 15) marks his last day on the job before officially starting his retirement. Fils-Aime has been an icon in the video game industry for the more than ten years he was President and COO of Nintendo of America; if nothing else, you probably know him for being the one who created the “My body is ready” meme.

Now, on his last day on the job, Fils-Aime finally made himself a Twitter account so fans can continue to see what he’s up to in retirement. As of the time I’m writing this, Fils-Aime has only made a single Tweet, which consists of the text “Hi Twitter community” accompanied by an image of a Fils-Aime figure holding up a card with his name and Twitter handle, @Reggie. Fils-Aime’s Twitter bio reads, “Retired President/COO @NintendoAmerica. Active business provocateur.” It’s not entirely clear yet what Fils-Aime intends to use his Twitter account for, whether it be commenting on the video game industry or posting memes, but the former Nintendo President has already garnered over 70,000 followers, including the official Twitter accounts for Xbox and Ubisoft, as of the writing of this article.

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