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NPD Data Shows DS Outsells Nintendo 3DS in First Month

by William Schwartz


In its debut month in the United States, the Nintendo 3DS failed to outsell the DS. This is according to data released by the NPD group, which showed the DS was the biggest selling system in the United States which was likely propelled by the sales of Pokemon Black & White which sold 2.5 million copies.

To be fair, the Nintendo 3DS did launch with only a handful of days left in the month of March. There were only seven days of retail sales included in the data according to Anita Frazier of the NPD group. When put into a historical perspective, Frazier claims that “The 3DS launch compares quite favorably to that of the best selling dedicated handheld gaming platform of all time, the Nintendo DS.”

This is fairly siginificant considering that the 3DS launched at a much higher entry price point than the DS did years ago, and Frazier noted that the 3DS only sold “about 100k units less than the DS did in its launch month.”

Frankly, I have been holding off to get one until theres something available that says Mario, Zelda, or Metroid in the title. But that seems to be Nintendo’s problem in the first place, that and the fact that a certain percentage of people get dizzy from using the thing.  What about you?  Have you purchased a 3DS?  We’d love to hear what you think about the handheld. Let us know in the comments section below.

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