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Oculus Rift Will Use an Xbox One Controller by Default

by Kyle Hanson


UPDATE: They have also revealed a unique control method called the Oculus Touch.

At the Oculus Pre-E3 presentation, Oculus VR has just revealed that every Oculus Rift will come with a wireless Xbox One controller and PC adapter by default. Gamers who buy the Oculus Rift VR headset will get the headset and controller in the same package.

There has been endless speculation about what type of input device the Oculus Rift will use when it launches next year. The team has discussed how the VR experience requires a different sort of input device than a traditional mouse and keyboard. It seems that they landed on the Xbox One controller instead, as that will be the default configuration.

Calling the Xbox One controller “the best in the world” Oculus seems confident that partnering with Microsoft was the best choice for their VR experience. However, they did hint that future iterations might be different, as input methods evolve for this growing technology.

This seems to run contrary to how Valve and HTC are handling the Vive, which will have a unique method of input for gaming.

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