Over 70 Percent Of Players Were Satisfied With The Final Fantasy XV Demo

by Damian Seeto

For the people that took part in the Final Fantasy XV demo survey so far, over 70 percent of players were satisfied with it.

Final Fantasy XV director, Hajime Tabata, talked more about the full release of the game during a new interview with Famitsu. Gematsu translated the important parts that Tabata had to say.

In regards to the Final Fantasy XV demo itself, he said over 70 percent of players that answered the survey were either “satisfied” or “very satisfied”. This is a good sign for Square Enix going forward, but there is also room for some improvements.

One of the areas Square Enix wants to improve in Final Fantasy XV is the combat. He said the demo’s combat was only “50 percent complete“. The full version is expected to have more “magic and co-op chains“. There will also be improvements with Ramuh which is the summon that was included in the demo.

One of the biggest talking points is that Tabata said it may be possible for female party members to join you in Final Fantasy XV. The only female character in the demo was Cindy, but she was unplayable and was only there to repair the car.

Were you satisfied with the Final Fantasy XV demo, or do you feel there’s room for more improvements?