Blizzard Finally Reveals the Canon Age for All Heroes in Overwatch 2, Leaves Fans Flabbergasted

Wait, Roadhog is HOW old?

by Thomas Cunliffe
Image: Blizzard

The official Overwatch 2 website has been freshly updated, adding the canon ages and birthdays to every Hero’s individual page. While we’ve known about the age of most original Heroes since the launch of the first Overwatch, this is the first time we’ve seen the ages for new heroes such as Illari, Junker Queen, and Kiriko.

Needless to say, this has sparked some intriguing discussions on X (formerly Twitter), ranging from eager posts about zodiac signs to debates about timeline consistencies. Before we dive into that, hold your breath and take a look at each Overwatch 2 character’s birthday and age below.

All Canonical Ages and Birthdays for Every Overwatch 2 Character


  • D.Va: 21 (June 22)
  • Doomfist: 47 (May 25)
  • Junker Queen: 31 (June 14)
  • Orisa: 1 (May 9)
  • Ramattra: 28 (March 29)
  • Reinhardt: 61 (June 26)
  • Roadhog: 50 (September 12)
  • Sigma: 64 (March 15)
  • Winston: 31 (June 6)
  • Wrecking Ball: 16 (October 15)
  • Zarya: 30 (December 4)


  • Ashe: 41 (October 1)
  • Bastion: 32 (Unknown creation date)
  • Cassidy: 39 (July 31)
  • Echo: 14 (February 5)
  • Genji: 37 (October 28)
  • Hanzo: 40 (November 3)
  • Junkrat: 27 (February 29)
  • Mei: 33 (September 5)
  • Pharah: 34 (April 15)
  • Reaper: 60 (December 14)
  • Sojourn: 27 (January 12)
  • Soldier 76: 58 (January 27)
  • Sombra: 32 (December 31)
  • Symmetra: 30 (October 2)
  • Torbjörn: 59 (September 21)
  • Tracer: 28 (February 17)
  • Widowmaker: 35 (November 19)


  • Ana: 62 (January 1)
  • Baptiste: 38 (March 12)
  • Brigitte: 25 (September 22)
  • Illari: 18 (December 21)
  • Kiriko: 21 (July 7)
  • Lifeweaver: 31 (April 28)
  • Lúcio: 28 (March 20)
  • Mercy: 39 (May 13)
  • Moira: 50 (April 4)
  • Zenyatta: 33 (July 14)

This officially places Orisa as the youngest Overwatch character and Sigma as the oldest. Unless you don’t count Omnics or animals, in which case Illari is the youngest, and you should learn to be more tolerant of our robotic brethren.

Timeline Inconsistency

While some characters look a little too great for their age (Ashe, I’m glancing at you), some characters’ have downright caused a stir in the Overwatch timeline. Most notably, Kiriko.

Kiriko is listed as being twenty-one years old, which matches her style and personality. What doesn’t match, however, is that she somehow trained alongside the Shimada brothers as children — who are thirty-seven and forty years old, respectively. The math ain’t mathin’.

As @kataikou points out in the post above, plenty of official Overwatch media show Hanzo, Genji, and Kiriko together as youngsters. While Kiriko is visibly younger than the two, it certainly isn’t a sixteen-year gap. This either means that Genji is a very late bloomer or that Blizzard has made a mistake somewhere.

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Sojourn’s age has also brought up some questionable issues. As @ClearTogether explains, Sojourn’s listed age of forty-seven means her twin sister was only fourteen years old at the time of her daughter’s birth. Furthermore, this also means that Vivian was a military officer as a teenager, as noted by @katieshouldcos.

A few debatable birth dates aside, I’m overjoyed to know when to officially celebrate Hammond’s birthday. I don’t care that he eats books; he’s a good boy in my heart. Many other Overwatch fans are also satisfied finally knowing their favorite characters’ birthdays — especially the Junkrat fans out there. I know some of you exist.

- This article was updated on September 11th, 2023

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