Attack of the Fanboy

Overwatch Blog Spotlight Focuses on Next Possible Hero

by Joshua Evans


In a blog post we got some details on new Overwatch character we have not heard of yet. No, it is not Doomfist, but it is Efi Oladele, an eleven year old robotics expert in Numbani.

The post is written like an interview with the character, and gives more details on her personality than play style. From her shtick of controlling drones and other robots, it would be interesting if she played like Abathur’s appearance in Heroes of the Storm. For those who do not play Heroes of the Storm, Abathur stays within the safety of his teams base and provides help across the battlefield via different controllable units, and buffing teammates, some of his buffs are floating “turrets” that follow what ever allied target he assigns it to while being controllable by Abathur. It would be interesting to see this kind of game play style pulled off in a first person shooter, and it would be a unique function no other Overwatch character currently does, especially if she can do Abathur’s controllable turrets thing on the Payload. However this would probably place her firmly under the support role, while tank and defense have not gotten any new heroes yet. Efi could be a character that fulfills multiple rolls, the necessity of a character capable of doing that is debatable as changing your character during an Overwatch match is relatively easy. It would certainly change things up a lot. Personality wise, Efi seems like the cheerful, humble sort, however it is just an interview. Apparently she has the child genius angle going for her, which you probably could tell by the fact she is an eleven year old robotics expert.

More characters for Overwatch is always exciting, as they manage to make all of them fun and varied enough to keep you interested. Blizzard has some characters with strange play styles so an eleven year old with an army of drones should be something they can manage.

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