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Overwatch’s Custom Game Saves, Leaderboards & More Re-Enabled

by Mike Guarino


Blizzard announced recently that they had disabled multiple features in Overwatch, which was in response to some problems that arose following the Uprising patch. The developer never said how long these features would be down for as they looked for solutions, but it turns out it wasn’t for very long at all.

The company announced recently on Twitter that the custom game saves, leaderboards and arcade modes that they disabled have now been re-enabled. What the issue actually was wasn’t detailed by the developer, but due to the massive new update and lots of people jumping back onto the game, it could have just been a server load issue. Whatever the case may be, it’s at least good to know that the game is back to normal and players are unrestricted regarding what they want to do within it.

The aforementioned features being disabled temporarily wasn’t the biggest of deals, because the new Uprising event added plenty to the game for fans to get occupied with in the meantime. The biggest thing that it adds to the game is a new four-player PvE mode, which is set during the Omnic uprising set 7 years prior to the events of the main game. Players control Tracer, Torbjörn, Reinhardt, or Mercy as they take on waves of Omnic enemies, which is an all an effort to stop the uprising and protect London.

There are also plenty of unlockables for players to try and acquire throughout the event, which includes cosmetic skins, highlights, loot boxes and more. There are over 100 cosmetic items that are available during this event, though you need to act quickly to get them all before the event ends. The Uprising event started earlier this week and officially comes to an end on May 1st, and you can get additional details by clicking right here.

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