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Pachter picks the price of PS4 and Xbox One

by William Schwartz


We have already gotten a lot of information about what to expect from the PS4 and Xbox One, though one big detail about both consoles is how much they will cost. According to Wedbush analyst, Michael Pachter, both consoles will arrive under $400.

Analyst says both the PS4 and Xbox One will arrive under $400

In a note to investors, the analyst says that the PS4 will launch at $349 and the Xbox One will arrive at $399. The analyst has taken the cost of components for each console to come up with his estimates, and puts the cost to make the PS4 at $275 and the Xbox One at $325.

Pachter also believes that both Sony and Microsoft could subsidize the cost of these new consoles by bundling subscription-like services with the hardware. For Microsoft Pachter believes that price of the Xbox One could come down with pre-paid Xbox Live subscriptions. While they’ve historically not charged for the PlayStation Network, the analyst believes that Sony has the same type of opportunity to charge its fans for its online service.

We’ll have to wait and see if Pachter’s predictions hold up. If Sony and Microsoft are going to announce prices and features such as these, we’ll hear them on June 10th at the Microsoft and Sony press conferences ahead of E3 2013.

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