Paradox and Microsoft Announce Paradox Mods

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Paradox Interactive has just launched a brand new modding software that works on both PC, and for the first time ever, the Xbox One. The software itself, Paradox Mods, only works on games published by Paradox themselves. The company announced that hey have partnered with Microsoft for this special occasion, and you can download them all right now.

The company is known for allowing mod support for most of their games, in particular the popular Surviving Mars simulator game. For those who play these games on PC, this probably won’t be anything new to you, as modding on PC’s has been around for years. However, console players rarely get the chance to experience the imagination that comes with special mods for games, making this a rare and unique opportunity for them. Speaking of Surviving Mars, this will be the first game to get the full support on the Xbox One.

Examples of new mods that players can download include a mod for a special Forest Greenhouse, an actual Car Wash for your Martian vehicle, and a survival competitive mode where players fight for limited resources. Right now their are only 30 mods available for the game on the Xbox One, but the company plans to add more over time. While some mods will be more suited for the mouse/keyboard combination of the PC, it’s still great to see a collaboration like this happen, as it could lead to even more games with mod support in the future.

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