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Paradox Interactive Sets to Open Up New Studio in U.S.

Paradox Tectonic will be opening up in Berkeley California

by Jordan Kamm


Paradox Interactive, known for developing and publishing 4X Grand Strategy games, is opening up a new studio. Paradox, Located in Stockholm, Sweden, has been growing quickly as a publishing company. The new studio will be based in Berkeley, California called Paradox Tectonic. Paradox Tectonic will be the first studio to have the Paradox name in the US. Other than Harebrained Schemes which was acquired by Paradox last year. The new studio will be led by industry veteran and buisnessman Rob Humble.

More importantly, out of the gate Paradox Tectonic will begin development on a brand new game feature an entirely new IP. No information about the game has been announced. Paradox has a reputation for creating Intelligent strategy games,made specifically for the players of complicated strategy game. From What Rod Humble has said, he has no plans to stray from that philosophy. “Our aim with Paradox Tectonic is to create open, fun, beautiful games which respect the players’ intelligence and enables their creativity, freedom, emotion, and sharing,” said Humble in a press release about Paradox Tectonic. We are excited to see what this new studio will be putting out, and to see if this will means we’ll be getting more of the Classic Paradox games, like Crusader Kings II, or Europa Universalis, that we love so much.

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